How Radio Jingles Influence Listener Behaviour?

Radio advertisement jingles are highly flexible and feasible for business owners as they create a buzz for their business and relevant products in a few seconds. The duration of radio jingles is mostly 20 or 30 seconds. So getting more attention from listeners depends on the power of the Radio Jingle. Radio jingle producers always try their best to create a radio jingle that sounds repetitive but not monotonous. So they compose a powerful jingle and custom ad that can catch the listeners’ attention even if they are busy with other work. This capability of a jingle amazes the listener and remains active for a long time in one’s mind, like an ear worm. Here’s what you need to know about radio jingles;

What are Jingles in Advertising?

Few things can drive a promoting message, like an appealing jingle. Whether the audience love or hate it, a good jingle will relay the brand name with an idea, concept, or promotion. Listeners might not notice a chirpy techno beat in the background. However, they will notice your snappy jingle hook. The Listener’s choice is influenced by catchy jingles making a subconscious relationship that increases the probability they will pick that business next time they need a product. Egoboo is also a voice-over recording studio that helps to create a bespoke sonic identity for your brand with its customised Radio Jingles service. Previous music compositions by Egoboo like the Insure My Van Jingle, The Quote Devil Jingle, and Lidl TV Commercials have been hugely beneficial to the success of these businesses so that some are still being used daily on TV and Radio even ten years later!

Reasons Why Jingles are Powerful in Advertising

Jingles get stuck in peoples heads and become part of their subconscious mind. Once you hear them, you cannot help but sing along. They are extremely effective. Below is a look at the reasons why jingle marketing is a powerful tool for advertising.

A Jingle Could Become a Main Brand Element

Some brands have become famous with their jingles. The moment the jingle starts to play, listeners think of the brand. Or, while they hear about that brand, they think of the jingle.

Some of the most famous jingles are for McDonald’s (Ba-da-ba-ba-baaa … I’m lovin’ it), Huggies, State Farm, Kit Kat, and Toys R Us. The moment the attractive tunes start playing, listeners immediately identify the brand.

One of the main aims of branding is to improve brand recognition. Jingles do a brilliant job of creating awareness and enhancing brand identity.

You can also use them to improve the recognition of your other brand elements. For instance, when used on TV advertisements, make sure that the video content features your name, logo, colours, and phone number. You can also include your brand’s taglines and slogans in the jingle.

Clients can quickly identify your brand when they see your other brand elements in several advertising and marketing materials. If you are planning on promoting your brand, contact Egoboo, a jingle composer in Ireland. You can hire them to create a radio jingle for your business.

A Good Catchy Jingle Will Stick In Your Head

Jingles are earworms so once they are heard they are hard to forget! Even if a jingle is irritating and annoying to some people, it is still memorable to listeners. Jingles are also written to be hooky and easy to remember, like a nursery rhyme. Chances are most customers can recall a few famous jingles off the top of their heads instantly. Imagine State Farm’s “Like a Good Neighbour” or Folger’s “Best Part of Waking Up.” Jingles are viral, and chances are most people can distinguish these and other famous jingles almost instantly.

For business owners and marketers, your brand or company will be at the top of consumers’ minds now and in the future. Whether you are a restaurant, law firm, or Electrical company, customers will remember your jingle, even if they may not be in the market for your services at that moment. It might be six months since they first heard your jingle, but when their air conditioner breaks or they need a tax lawyer, they’ll remember you, as that jingle has been playing in their head throughout that period of time.

Drive Brand Recognition and Recall

The aim of radio advertising is for your brand to be the first one that comes to mind when somebody needs your service or product. Jingles created by Egoboo are catchy and memorable, get trapped in your clients’ heads, and keep you at the top of their minds. When it is time to make a purchase, they will promptly recall your brand, which will increase your sales and lead to repeat purchases.

Set Your Brand Apart from the Competition

Your market is a crowded place. Several other businesses offer what you do or something similar. Moreover, they are all competing for the same clients. You need techniques to stand out. A jingle is one of them.

Your jingle is branded to your business’s mission, messaging, values, and personality. This makes it exclusively yours and serves as a differentiator between you and your competition. With an attractive jingle, you entice your audience and increase the chance that your message is the one they will recall, driving memorability and brand recognition.

Create an even more memorable and effective Jingle by using sounds to do with your business. For example, children singing in a huggies nappy advert.

Versatile Way to Promote Your Business

Radio jingles can be used in many ways to promote your business. They can be played on the radio but also used in TV commercials, online advertising or even as holding music for your phone system. That means you can get lots of mileage out of a single jingle, which is an economical way to get your message out there.


In the long run, jingles prove their value. Instead of paying huge sums of money every month for a new commercial, your jingle continues to amaze months and even years after it first hits the airwaves. With a simple modernization of the original copy, you can keep it fresh constantly, keeping your listeners updated on what your business is promoting that specific week or month.

How to Select a Reliable Jingle Composer?

Whether you are a well-known brand or a small business owner, radio ads are effective for both. Thus, grab the audience’s attention by generating a successful radio jingle. Influence and drive the listeners to take action for your brand with attractive radio advertisements. Incorporate the web address into the jingle. Here are the best tips to help you select a reliable jingle composer for your brand!

Good Understanding of Products or Services

The foremost tip to consider while selecting a radio jingle composer is that they should have a good knowledge of your product and service. It is essential to know about your product’s unique selling points (USPs) and other vital features and advantages you must focus on in your jingle. Therefore, the jingle composers of Egoboo always concentrate on understanding the services and products to provide the right message to the right audience.

Identify the Demographic Audience

Knowing your customers is essential for creating a jingle. You want to create a sound that appeals to a certain age group e.g. you don’t want to make a country music jingle to appeal to young Dublin city dwellers. Know your audience and compose a jingle they will like.

Use a Core Message

When creating a radio jingle, it is significant to include a core message that resonates with your target audience. Consider highlighting your product or service’s unique selling proposition (USP), a unique factor distinguishing it from its competitors. This can be the lowest cost, highest quality, or first service or product. The main point is to include a core message in your jingle that catches the listener’s attention.

The Message Must Be Clear

The radio jingle you create should carry your brand’s core message, and it must be clear to your audience. The jingle script must keep a core message connecting listeners to your services or product. Your message should have the right tone, voice, and language, which aids the listener in connecting with your brand. The risk of losing the customer becomes low if your message is tuned to the jingle. Remember that your message must be delivered in the first few seconds as the audience changes the channel if they listen to a program. Therefore, always try to convey your message at the start.

Focus on Lyrics

Lyrics are vital when composing a radio jingle. They must be clear, simple, and easy to understand, making it easy for your listener to remember and sing along. The lyrics must have continuity, so your audience recalls the words while they listen. Repeat your brand name and product in the lyrics, and ensure that the consumer connects with it. Also include your website address if that is important to your business. When writing the lyrics, refer to the qualities of your service or product that create a visual image of your brand in the audience’s mind. At Egoboo, the composer always focuses on the lyrics of jingles to keep them simple yet catchy.

Relate to Target Audience

It does not matter how prominent your advertisement is and how much money you spend if your audience cannot relate to it. The audience’s connection with the brand is more acute while composing a jingle. All your efforts and expertise will go to waste if the listeners cannot visualise your brand after listening to your radio jingle. A good jingle paints a brand picture in the listener’s mind, and the audience relates to it. Egoboo’s radio jingles always connect your audience with the product or brand.

Choosing the Best Genre and Voice-over Talent

Good music can make or break a radio advertisement. Choosing the right music entices the listener’s attention and ties them to the jingle. When you select attractive and powerful music, it generates a long-term impression on the listener’s mind. Also, ensure that the music is unique and not a fusion or copy of famous music or lyrics. You might face copyright issues in such a case. A good Jingle Voice-over studio like Egoboo can help create exceptional and original music.

Hiring a professional voiceover artist online through Egoboo will deliver the best voice for your jingle. Ensure that the voiceover matches the tone of the message you wish to provide. If your statement is robust and bold, your voice should be compelling. Alternatively, the voice must be polite and soft if your message tone is respectful and gentle.

Keeping Brand Name

Stating the company’s name in the jingle is vital to writing an effective advertisement jingle. You must provide a tag to the jingle by stating the brand. This is so that the client can establish an instant connection between the jingle and the brand.

Product Benefits

Effective content in a jingle makes it more striking and memorable. If your ad jingle contains the benefits of your product, it will maximise the productivity of your brand. For instance, Vico’s jingle “Vico Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream” uses the words “Ayurvedic” and “Turmeric” to indicate the cream’s connection with natural elements.

Deliver a Clear Call To Action

While short catchphrases can be effective for brand awareness, using longer call-to-action jingles is highly effective at driving action. For example, GEICO’s instruction to their audience that “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance” communicates the brand’s selling point and exactly what the audience needs to do to reap the benefits. In addition, hearing the word fifteen will remind some people of the brand.

Easy to Remember

When a potential client sings about your brand all day long, it’s like having a song stuck in their head. Visualise the impact of this on your brand’s awareness!

We hope these tips help you create a good radio jingle for your brand. A good jingle adds value to radio advertisements. If you are looking for a jingle production company, Egoboo is ready to serve you. Egoboo works with the best singers and voiceover agencies in Ireland, where you can browse thousands of skilled voice actors and hire them immediately.


Jingle marketing has stood the test of time. Although media consumption patterns have changed over the years, jingles are still highly effective marketing and advertising tools. Jingles are attractive and memorable, and can be used to achieve various marketing objectives, including brand recognition and recall, building awareness, and increasing sales. They can be used on both traditional electronic media and various online platforms.

The primary key to success in jingle promotion is to work with a professional to create a high-scoring jingle. Follow the principles of consistency, frequency, and repetition to optimise marketing effectiveness.

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