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Where would we be without radio jingles? Love them or hate them, the right jingle can not just become memorable and instantly recognisable for a a few days! It can last for decades. Jingles can include words or simply involve music, and the best all have common ground, innovation and simplicity, two elements that are hard to combine. Where are most advertising jingles heard today? TV and Radio stations and with the combination of the Internet, W-Fi and smartphones that can live-stream television, advertising has never had to be so ‘mobile’ and short, snappy and effective adverts are vital. With more and more people listening to the radio, radio advertising has never been so effective, so you have to use every ‘weapon’ to help you stand out!

Not only will a good jingle be memorable, it can also convey a core message when used for product promotion, so it’s not all about the music, the words matter too!

Check out below some of our previous successful jingle compositions which have really helped shape these businesses into National brands!

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