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Where would we be without jungles? Love them or hate them, the right jingle can not just become memorable and instantly recognizable for a few days, it can last for decades. Jingles can include words or simply involve music and the best all have common ground,innovation and simplicity, two elements that are hard to combine.

Where are most advertising jingles heard today?Commercial television channels and commercial radio stations. With the combination of the Internet, W-Fi and smartphones that can live stream television, advertising has never had to be so ‘mobile’and short,snappyeffective adverts are vital. With more and more people listening to the radio thanks to digital technology, radio advertising has never been so effective, so you have to use every ‘weapon’ to help you stand out.

Jingle Composition –the Double-edged Sword

Not only will a good jingle be memorable, it can also convey a core message when used for product promotion, so it’s not all about the music, the words matter too…

Jingle composition. The proof of the pudding...

Listen below to examples of our previous compositions that have really helped shape those businesses into National brands!

A little bit of jingle trivia for you...

One of the most successful jingles was titled fourscore, four notes composed by David Dundasfor the launch ofChannel 4 on UK TV in 1982as a ‘brand identity’. The intention, and contract for royalties, was set for a three-month period while a new jingle was commissioned.These four notes were so catchy the jingle was not replaced for 10 years! David Dundas’ contract paid him a royalty fee for each time the jingle was played and, as a consequence, they became the four most expensive notes composed in the music industry. However, you needn’t panic as we always hand over all rights to our jingles and all musical compositions!

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