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Creative Sound Design, Ireland

Here at Egoboo’srecording studios in Dublin we like to think of ‘creative sound’ as our equivalent to 3-D in the world of vision. In the simplest of terms, it adds another dimension and greater depth to any soundtrack, whether it is for a radio commercial, television commercial, explainer video or any other promotional material that requires a soundtrack.

Creative sound is not dissimilar to Foley work(which we have described in the Audio Post Production section).The principal difference is that these are ‘special’ sound effects as opposed to natural ones. The intention of creative sound design is to produce sounds that complements a visual narrative, or a stand-alone audio track, yet add a sense of character and often fun, as a means to further attract the viewer’s or listener’s attention.

Creative Sound Design in Dublin

We are forever saying ‘thanks to developments in modern digital technology’, and we have to as without them, our creative sound designs would be severely limited.Trust us when we say thay are not! Instead,we have an extensive sound effects’ library and numerouselectronic software synths here in our sound studioin Dublin. We can create stereo, surroundsoundand quadraphonic Ambisonic VR mixes at the touch of a button.
Of course, when it comes to creative sound design, words alone can never do it justice, so watch the video below and you’ll immediately understand what we’re talking about
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