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Professional Voice-Over Recording in Dublin

More than ever, with so many recent advancements in digital audio technology, the quality of sound for a voice-over recording has never been more critical. Gone are the days when televisions had one poor, rear-facing speaker, and in-ear headphones only produced ‘tinny’ sounds. Today, digital technology is such that sound quality of in-ear headphones is almost second to none and you only have to look at the number of people who have them plugged into their smartphones to realise that when it comes to marketing, smartphone users are now the largest sector of the ‘Internet-enabled market’.
A voice-over recording is an opportunity to engage with a listener, or a viewer, on as deep a level as possible. Voice-over recordings can be used for both entertainment as well as commercial promotion purposes. Individual voice talents have their own niches as voice-over recording is most definitely not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service. The perfect voice to narrate a video promoting Ireland as a holiday destination is unlikely to be a perfect fit for the voiceover content for a corporate promotional video, and neither are likely to be ideal as a voiceover for an advertisement promoting an energy drink.
We are fortunate to have access to a fantastic selection of professional male and female voice talents and, almost instantly, we will know who we will contact first for each individual voice talent project. At Egoboo, you will find only the latest state-of-the-art recoding equipment used in conjunction with an acoustically treated sound booth equipped with a professional high-end microphones and pre-amps to provide voice-over recordings of impeccable clarity.

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