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Music is special. It’s something that resonates with each and every one of us. When it comes to bespoke compositions we produce an audio experience that really enhances our clients productions by creating something unique and special. At Egoboo, we get our clients and we deliver.

Here at Egoboo, we thrive at creating creative bespoke music for our advertising and branding clients. The music we produce is unique, specifically for your brand – not a ready-made already familiar music library track! Since 2005 we have been composing music for big-name companies like Vodafone, Virgin Media, Newstalk, Lidl, PrePay Power, the Quote Devil, Viceroy Hotel NYC, The Palace Downtown Hotel Dubai, Mondello Park, De Dietrich Ovens, and Nordmende, just to name a few.

Apart from the obvious, using a composer to hit the mood just right and time the music to the picture? Why hire a composer? Well, as experts in music composition, we understand how to craft music that complements the visuals and message of your advertising or branding campaign. We create music that enhances the emotions and feelings you want your audience to experience, making your message more impactful and memorable, resonating with the demographic your business is targeting.

Take, for example, the Quote Devil jingle we created over 10 years ago. It’s still used today and has become a key component of the company’s brand. In fact, it was one of the highlights in a public survey on the company. This shows the power of original music composition and how it can become an essential part of your brand’s identity.

So if you’re looking for original music that perfectly captures the mood and tone of your advertising or branding campaign, get in touch using the contact form below. Let us know the details of your project, and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can create bespoke music that truly represents your brand and will help connect with your audience better. At Egoboo, we’re all about making your brand sound as good as it looks!

Elegantly narrated by actor Liam Neeson, below is an orchestral piece we composed for the IRFU’s bid to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup in Ireland. The “Ready for the World” National ad campaign was aired across all media in Ireland and created massive hype across the Irish Nation!

Do you require a bespoke piece of music for your production? Why not talk to us about our bespoke music services, tell us about your project and let us come up with the musical goods!

We’d love to hear from you so please do get in touch using the contact us form below…

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