Voiceover Recording / Narrator Recording

A polished voiceover recording is vital for any good media production, and without, it's never going to have that professional edge. A voice over can make a huge difference. Our attention to detail is very important to us - we edit out breaths and mouth sounds to make sure the voice recording is to the highest standards.

When recording voice-over in Egoboo, we use condensor Neumann microphones, peluso tube microphones, great river and SSL pre amps captured by Apogee Symphony AD conversion. Ultimately the voice recording will sound GREAT! With our extended recording experience, we know how to direct a voiceover artist to get the best performance. 

We work with an abundant group of professional narrators and we invite you to use our voiceover search engine to help find a suitable actor.

Listen below to the voice-over demo produced in our recording studios ...

  Egoboo Voiceover Recording Demo 

Please contact us if you would like to enquire about voice-over rates and availability at our recording studios.

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